From waste to biomethane for a circular revolution.

We use the best technologies to develop innovative biomethane plants that can transform bio-waste into energy.

How is it possible to meet the growing demand for energy while offering environmental benefits?

Biomethane is our solution. Khaos, a company belonging to Luce Group, invests in the production and commercialisation of advanced biomethane. By 2025, more than 30,000,000 Sm3 per year of biomethane from Forsu will be generated. Biomethane has characteristics and conditions of use corresponding to those of natural gas and is suitable for entry into the natural gas network.

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With the transformation of organic waste into clean energy, the production of biomethane allows a circular revolution in which resources are continually reused.

From forsu

The term Forsu means organic fractions of municipal solid waste. These are mainly food residues, food preparations, assimilable fractions. In a nutshell: all the organic material obtained from the separate collection. Thanks to it, it is possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in landfills and, at the same time, to use waste to generate energy.

To biomethane

But how is the production of biomethane from FORSU? Organic waste is treated in a biodigestore where two phases take place: anaerobic digestion and composting. The biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion process is subjected to a purification treatment - upgrading - by means of which carbon dioxide, impurities and pollutants are eliminated. Thus, biogas becomes biomethane, ready to be injected into the national network. Instead, the material leaving the anaerobic digestion process, the digestate, is transformed into compost by the composting process.

For a circular revolution

With the recovery of matter and energy in the form of biomethane and compost, organic waste is transformed into a resource and fed back into the production cycle, closing the circle of the circular economy. With Khaos, we invest in the best technologies to develop innovative biomethane plants, which allow the efficient management of municipal solid waste recovery activities, guaranteeing environmental and economic benefits.








Biomethane contributes to significantly reducing the volume of waste to be sent to landfills and allows for continuous and programmable energy production.

Goals 2030

Building two mega-biomethane plants in Italy.

Working 300.000 tons of Forsu.

Producing 70.000 tons of organic compost

Entering 30,000,000 smc of advanced biomethane into the national network.

Using the Group’s extensive network for the sale of biomethane in over 200 service stations.

100,000 tons CO2 savings eq./year


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