Wind sails, air currents for sustainable energy production.

We generate 100% green energy through the installation of wind turbines of the latest generation independently connected to the electricity network.

As a source of clean energy, wind power is able to contribute significantly to the creation of a carbon neutral future.

Windfinder is the company belonging to Luce Group that invests in wind technology and in the creation of wind farms. We produce and sell energy both to the GSE and through Corporate PPA - contracts for the supply of electricity from renewable sources signed with companies. As a source of clean energy, wind energy could cover 20% of global electricity demand by 2030, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 3 billion tonnes per year.

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Have you ever wondered how wind turbines can convert wind kinetic energy into electricity?

The precondition for the operation of any wind farm is the presence of wind that is captured thanks to an aerogenerator or wind turbine. When the wind blows with sufficient intensity, from 13 to 14 km per hour, its strength activates the wind blades and, thus, the turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Once produced, the current is transferred via a pipeline to a transformer, which collects all the electricity generated by the many blades of the wind farm and makes it available on the network.

Wind power is the most mature and sustainable energy and technology among renewables and can count on spaces of technological innovation particularly interesting.

Goals 2030

Building over 150 MW of wind farms.

Investing in projects around the world.

Developing large-scale projects.


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