From fire to electricity, solar energy for a bright future.

Solar energy is the mother energy on Earth, the greenest energy source that does not provide for any gas combustion and no CO2 emissions.

We produce solar energy through scale utility plants for a world in motion, which reinvents itself constantly.

OSM - O Sole Mio - is a company belonging to Luce Group active in the construction of solar energy systems with photovoltaic panels of the latest generation. Our solar energy systems are utility-scale and we use innovative storage technologies, which allow us to overcome the problem of intermittency, storing energy at peak times and then redistributing it as needed.

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How is sunlight captured to be transformed into electricity? How does photovoltaic energy work?

If until 2007 photovoltaic was a technology mainly experimental, with the incentives of “Conto Energia” it has experienced an incredible growth: from just over 100 MW installed in 2007 in Italy, the number reached 23 GW in 2021. To reach the 2030 climate targets, the quantity must be doubled: OSM will contribute to this important challenge with the production of about 2% of total photovoltaic needs to target the ambitious objectives of the PNIEC.

What is solar energy in simple words?

Solar energy is, quite simply, the energy that comes and is collected from the sun, and it is the primary source of energy on the entire planet. It is a type of energy that works in flow, not in stock, and therefore its continuous use does not decrease in any way the availability.

How does a photovoltaic cell works?

To convert radiation into electricity, the solar cells of the panel exploit the photoelectric effect: when the light hits the photovoltaic module, the photons stimulate the electrons present in the silicon of the cell, producing current thanks to the physical phenomenon known as "photovoltaic effect".

Solar energy in Italy

The production of energy from solar sources in Italy is constantly growing: Italy is the European state with the greatest exposure to sunlight and, therefore, investing in photovoltaic is definitely a very efficient solution. In fact, if Italy were able to ensure that the percentage of solar energy no longer represents only ⅓ of total energy, it could be the European leader in this sector.

A scalable, powerful and sustainable resource able to meet the most varied types of energy needs.

Goals 2030

Installing a power of 1.8 GW by 2030.

Investing in projects all over the world.

Installing in Italy about 2% of the total photovoltaic needs to achieve the ambitious objectives of the PNIEC.


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