Italy looks to the future shining with a new light.

With the introduction of the National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC), the Italian Government has placed renewable sources at the centre of its political agenda.

We develop innovative solutions for renewable energies.

To contribute significantly to the objectives of the PNIEC, in the coming years we will increase our renewable capacity and our green presence throughout the Italian territory. We fully support the PNIEC and the Green New Deal of the European Commission for the decarbonisation of the economy, a green pact between businesses and citizens that considers the environment as the economic engine of Italy.

The National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate of the Italian Government is structured into five lines of intervention that will be developed in an integrated way.


Achieve a balance between emissions and removals, with the prospect of becoming a low-emission economy by 2030.


Reduce primary energy needs by improving the energy performance of buildings and renewing public and private transport vehicles.


Diversify sources of supply, increase renewable sources, and ensure high safety standards.


Adjust the prices of Italian electricity to those of Europe, achieving the goal of electricity interconnectivity through energy communities.


Develop essential technologies for the energy transition, encouraging the introduction of new organisational models.


Sustainable projects